Unverferth Manufacturing Earns Prestigious AE50 Award


Kalida, Ohio –  Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. is proud to be recently selected as an AE50 award recipient for the innovative design of its new Equalizer SP grain cart tracked undercarriage. 

The Equalizer SP track features a 50” wide x 128” long footprint for over 88 square feet of ground contact for maximum flotation.  For maintaining maximum ground contact while travelling, this extra-long long track design features patent-pending cambering of the end wheels with 20 degrees of front-to-rear movement along with 9 degrees of side-to-side movement in addition to the cambering action of the central mounting pivot.  The mid wheels can pivot up to 16 degrees from front-to-rear for further maximizing ground contact over rough fields and roads.  With the addition of horizontally mounted urethane springs for added suspension, vibration is minimized for reducing machine fatigue and enhancing operator comfort.

The award-winning track is available as an undercarriage option on the largest Brent double-auger grain cart models 2598, 2098 with 2,500 and 2,000 bushel capacities respectively, and the 2,000 bushel Unverferth dual-auger model 2020. It is also standard with an auto-greaser for lubrication of pivot points, minimizing daily maintenance.  The original Equalizer tracked undercarriage design earned a spot on the 2015 AE50 awards for its patented central pivot that features side-to side and front-to-rear cambering for maximizing the footprint. 

This annual award is sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for celebrating 50 product innovations in the areas of agricultural, food, and biological systems. AE50 competition entries are submitted each fall by companies around the world with up to 50 of the best products chosen by a panel of international engineering experts. The judges select products that will best advance engineering for these industries. 

Unverferth Mfg. Co., Inc. is a world-class, family-owned manufacturer and marketer of tillage, seed, hay- and grain-handling equipment along with pull-type sprayers, fertilizer applicators and agricultural dual, triple and specialty wheel products. Unverferth Manufacturing has four manufacturing locations; Shell Rock, Iowa, Kalida and Delphos, Ohio and Lexington, Nebraska.   For additional information, contact Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc., P.O. Box 357, Kalida, OH  45853. Phone 419-532-3121 or visit the website at unverferth.com.