The Need For Speed: The New Brent® Avalanche® 94-Series Grain Carts


Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. announces the introduction of the Brent Avalanche 94-series, double-auger grain carts. The new models 1194, 1394, and 1594 featuring 1100, 1300 and 1500 bushel capacities respectively, deliver unloading speeds of up to 840 bushel per minute, satisfying the need for increased harvest speed.

The unique drivetrain couples a direct-drive 220 hp, 90-degree gearbox powering the computer-balanced 22” vertical auger, and a heavy-duty, dual four-strand belt drive for the 20” horizontal auger to deliver 840 bushels per minute unloading speed. The hydraulically operated, horizontal gate allows metering of the grain into the auger for greater unloading flexibility. The exclusive pivoting auger on the Avalanche grain cart adjusts unloading height from 10’4” to 15’5” and reaches up to 8’10” for convenient positioning and easily filling the tallest wagons and trucks. In addition to the lightning fast unloading speeds, auger positioning is quicker with the in-field transport stand that elevates the auger. The transport stand conveniently pivots back into the fully folded position for more convenient road transport and storage. The low-profile, narrow design makes on-the-go combine unloading easier and more productive.

Undercarriage options, depending on model, include high-flotation singles, walking tandem duals and tracks. A patent-pending oscillating, self-steering tandem undercarriage is exclusive on the model 1594. Additional standard features include rollover tarp for protecting the contents, flashing amber and red taillights, SMV emblem and transport chain for safer road travel, and choice of baked-on finish in red or green with silicone sealed seams to resist corrosion.

Optional features include scale package for verifying contents and front and rear-viewing cameras with monitor for safer unloading and road transport.