Ripper-Roller Debuts


Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc., adds to its tillage equipment line with the new Ripper-Roller tillage tool. It combines deep ripping with unparalleled leveling action for low and minimum tillage situations.

The Ripper-Roller tillage tool's angled, deep-till shanks penetrate up to 18 inches deep and are followed by the user's choice of a spike-tooth or bladed-roller leveling attachment. The shanks are spaced 18” apart and are staggered with 16-inches of offset for full-width deep tillage and excellent crop residue flow.

The 16-inch-diameter bladed roller features 3-inch x 3/8-inch thick, spiraled and beveled blades for the most aggressive leveling action. The spiked-tooth drum leveler features spiraled 3/8-inch thick by 1-inch long spikes to help break soil clods and level the soil. Both attachments feature heavy-duty 3-inch by 3-inch mounting arms with adjustable spring downpressure settings for fine-tuning the soil finish.

The implement's heavy-duty, double-frame construction with 6-inch by 6-inch rear toolbar provide years of durability and structural strength. Growers can choose from the model 630 – featuring auto-reset shanks that trip upward and/or rearward and provide 6,000 lbs. of trip pressure – or the shear-bolt protected model 610 with 7,500 lbs. of shear pressure.

The Ripper-Roller tillage tool is available in 7-, 9-, 11- and 13-row rigid models and feature a high-quality, powder-coat finish in the producer's choice of red or green.