No-Skip Strip-Till


Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc., extends its tillage equipment line with the new model 530 Zone-Stripper tillage tool. This innovative tool provides tillage from 4” to 10” deep and its auto-reset, straight-leg shank design provides minimal surface disturbance.

The independently mounted, strip-till units with parallel linkages provide maximum tillage action without the skips. The strip-till units are width- and angle-adjustable and available with choice of notched or smooth concave coulters that create a 15” strip of soil. A choice of straight-bladed Rolling Harrow baskets for leveling the strips, or concave bladed Rolling Harrow baskets for mounding the zone completes the tillage trip, leaving a ready-to-plant surface.

Shank-mounted fertility application is available for in-row nutrient placement for liquid or dry fertilizer. The available rear-mounted, pull-type rear hitch provides convenient connection for towing a fertilizer trailer. Dual, coulter-mounted concave finger-wheel row cleaners are also available for added residue clearing. Optional row markers with notched blades provide a highly visible mark for accurate row placement.

The Zone-Stripper is available in six, eight and twelve row sizes on 30” widths and features a high-quality, powder-coat finish in red or green for meeting producer’s preferences. Its double mainframe features a rear 6” x 6” steel toolbar for maximum durability and longevity.