Brent® Introduces Dual-Auger Grain Cart For Moving Corn, Cobs, or Mix for Cellulosic Ethanol


When it comes to profitably providing corn, cobs, or a mix to a cellulosic ethanol plant, the three things that count most are unloading speed, convenience and durability. The Brent® Avalanche® 1194CCM is specifically designed to quickly move from the combine to the waiting trucks or separating units and back to the combine with the same speed and efficiency of all Brent grain carts.

The primary advantage of dual-auger grain carts is unloading speed and power and that’s exactly what the Brent Avalanche 1194CCM delivers. It features an exclusive drivetrain design that combines a belt drive for the 20” horizontal floor auger and a heavy-duty direct-drive 90° gearbox for the 22” vertical auger for unloading its 1,100-bushel payload in less than 90 seconds!

Both augers feature 3/8”-thick super-edge flighting which puts the most steel where the greatest wear occurs. The floor auger is also constructed with “leaned” double flighting for optimum cob- and grain-carrying capacity.

The steep-sloped floor and recessed floor auger mean fast and complete unloading of all materials. Cart cleanout is also quick and easy with floor-auger cleanout gates and an easy-opening vertical-auger cleanout-door.

For optimum unloading ease, the Brent Avalanche 1194CCM features a pivoting unloading auger with over five feet of hydraulically controlled height adjustability – from 10’4” to 15’5” – for precise placement of cart contents. The extendable reach – up to 8’10” from the cart – minimizes the need for repositioning the cart for more exact unloading into the center of the truck or semi bed.

The Brent Avalanche 1194CCM allows growers to get ready for tomorrow’s CCM needs today.